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Are you facing a digital transformation dilemma?

Although digitization is a must, many organizations struggle to successfully transform processes and digitize workflows.

Paper is still a problem. According to Formstack’s 2020 customer survey, 52% of customers turned to Formstack to digitize workflows and eliminate paper processes.  

Tech debt can deter change. Some organizations might have partially digitized processes, but are held back from a full digital transformation due to tech debt or the investment of time, money, and data in legacy systems.

Top-down approaches are often too technical. When it’s only IT driving digital changes, oftentimes the processes and products are too technical for the average worker to easily understand and use. 

What do business leaders say?

of business leaders say their company will no longer be competitive if it can’t be significantly more digital.

What do workers say?

of workers in Europe do not have basic digital skills.

What do companies say?

of companies say a resistance to change deters their digital transformation progress.

What do decision makers say?

of digital decision makers worry they are too late with their digital transformation efforts and will fall behind their competitors.
Is low digital maturity stalling your digital transformation?

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