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04: A Digital-Must World

The need for contactless experiences

Nobody expected “contactless” to become an everyday word or a necessary business offering. Yet COVID-19 has brought contactless experiences into the forefront of every type of business, and the trend is not going to end once we are past the pandemic.

2020 will forever shape the expectations and habits of consumers, setting a precedent for what service offerings are available. In fact, the contactless trend is already taking permanent root across the world.


In China, 55% more consumers are intending to permanently shift to online grocery shopping.

United States

In the U.S., preference for contactless operations has gone up 20%.


In Germany, more than half of overall purchases are touchless.


In Norway, 17 airports have converted to a completely touchless experience.

South Africa

In South Africa, 42% of people expect to perform more online shopping post-pandemic than pre-pandemic.


In Australia, telemedicine use is predicted to grow nearly 150% post-pandemic.